More than 20 years in the making, the Student Success Toolbox is the definitive collection of tools and tips that make increased success possible for any student. With the tools (forms, rubrics, methodologies, and profiles) to support improved performance through assessment, it will help your students be more organized and better readers, writers, thinkers, communicators, and team players.

Though the book is full of useful tools (on perforated pages for ease of student use and turn-in), the book is only half the picture. The companion website contains additional tools such as rubrics and methodologies. Adoption of the book for your course allows for term or semester-long access to the Online Toolbox for yourself and your students. If you want more of what's in the book, you'll find it online.

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  • Cost is $10 per copy (includes semester or term-long access to the Online Toolbox)

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  • ISBN: 978-1-60263-112-0

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  • Access is by semester or term; a single User ID and Password may be used by all students in a single course (ID and password information is given to the instructor for distribution)

Give your students the tools they need to increase their performance. Contact us to adopt the Student Success Toolbox today!

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