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Foundations of Biochemistry

4th Edition, 2015

(Loertscher, Minderhout & Frato)

Foundations of Chemistry

Fourth Edition, 2010


Solving Real Problems

with Chemistry

Second Edition, 2012

(Eds, Goodwin, Hanson, Wolfskill)

Learning to Learn:
Becoming a Self-Grower

Premarket Edition, 2013

(Apple, Morgan, Hintze)

Foundations of Organic Chemistry

Premarket Edition, 2015


Foundations of Learning

Fourth Edition Revised, 2009

(Redfield & Lawrence)

Student Success Toolbox

First Edition, 2009

(Pacific Crest)

Quantitative Problem Solving

Revised Second Edition, 2012

(Desjarlais, Wagenblas)


Physical Organic Chemistry

Pre-Market Edition, 2010


Foundations of Mathematics: Activity Book

Pre-Market Edition, 2009



Foundations of Mathematics

Third Edition, 2007


Foundations of Pre-Algebra

Pre-Market Edition, 2008

(Atnip & Hintze-Yates)


Foundations of Algebra
Active Learning Workbook

First Edition, 2012

(Ellis & Apple) 

Student Resources

Enterprise (Business 100)

Selected Course Readings


Life Vision Portfolio

(Janice Mettauer)


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