This workbook is intended for use in an introductory graduate or an advanced undergraduate Physical Organic Chemistry course in conjunction with a textbook. The activities are designed to be used by students working in small, self-managed groups. Each activity starts with a focus question, which is a question that students should be able to answer by the end of the activity. Students are guided by the models and questions within the activity to develop the desired concepts. Exercises are included in some of the activities and are meant to be done as homework in addition to problems given by the instructor.


Pericyclic Reactions

Activity 1: Introduction to Qualitative Molecular Orbital Theory

Activity 2: Stereochemistry of Electrocyclic Reactions

Activity 3A: Electrocyclic Reactions and Molecular Orbitals

Activity 3B: Correlation Diagrams

Activity 4A: Stereochemistry of Cycloadditions and Cycloreversions

Activity 4B: Diels-Alder Reactions

Activity 5A: Benzene and Möbius Benzene

Activity 5B: Aromatic Transition State Theory

Activity 6A: Sigmatropic Rearrangements

Activity 6B: Alkyl Shifts

Activity 7A: The Cope Rearrangement I

Activity 7B: The Cope Rearrangement II

Polar Reactions

Activity 8: Polar Mechanisms

Activity 9: Isotopic Substitution

Activity 10A: Hammett Plots

Activity 10B: More Hammett Plots

Activity 11A: Review: Lewis Acids/Bases, Electrophiles, & Nucleophiles

Activity 11B: Hard Soft Acid Base Theory

Activity 12: Topicity Relationships

Activity 13: Polar Ring Closures

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