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On this page you will find resources and materials to support a more in-depth and extensive exploration of
the issues raised during Pacific Crest professional development workshops.

Please feel free to explore, click, read, and learn!


Pre-Workshop Readings

Please read the associated resources no later than 48 hours prior to your workshop.



Activity Design FGB 2.4.13 Overview of Learning Activities
FGB 2.4.14 Designing Process-Oriented Guided-Inquiry Activities

For reference:
Workshop Handbook
Course Design

FGB 2.4.1 Overview of Instructional Design

FGB 2.4.8 Methodology for Course Design

For reference: Workshop Handbook

Orientation to Process Education

Process Education: Past, Present, and Future

Critical Thinking

Faculty Guidebook 2.2.5: Overview of Critical Thinking

FGB: 2.3.3: Classification of Learning Skills

FGB 2.3.4: Cognitive Domain

Student Success

Self-Growth Paper by Cody Rivers

FGB 3.1.1: Overview of Quality Learning Environments

Scholarship of Teaching & Learning

FGB 2.5.2: Research Methodology

FGB 2.5.3: Distinguishing Between Problem Solving, Design, and Research

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