Chapter 8  Living in the Information Age

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Additional Links and Resources

Link for "Knowledge versus Information" (page 209 of Foundations of Learning):

Link for Listening Levels in Action (page 217 of Foundations of Learning):

Flatland by Edwin Abbot:

Memory Tools and Mnemonics: from (also includes tips for improving your memory as well as memory games)

Empire State College offers a module on Information Literacy. It is open for your use.

Want some hints for using search engines? The UC Berkeley site will lead you through a tutorial on search strategies. Here’s a Google Cheat Sheet for betters to search Google.  Many of the techniques for Google work on other search engines as well.

Want to become more literate in the digital world? The SMART site provides information about a wide range of topics. This site also has a large number of free tutorials on using Excel.

Want to learn memory techniques? The site from Intelegen Inc also includes some links to further information about memory.

Review a handout called Listening is a Ten-Part Skill.

An excellent handout on brainstorming is available from UNC.

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Activity 8.1   Information Processing Methodology
Activity 8.2   Using a Software Help System