Chapter 7  Addressing Personal Obstacles

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Additional Links and Resources

The Center for Nutrition Policy and Prevention provides a wealth of information on nutrition.

For tips on healthy living, including health, diet and fitness, see LifeScript.

Learn about fitness the fun way. Attend Fitness College

For general information on stress, visit the American Institute of Stress.

For stress management, UAW Daimler Chrysler National Training Center offers helpful summaries and links to information about stress and stress management.

Feeling Stressed?  Join Daily Strength, a virtual community of people who are working through the myriad personal challenges of college.

Here’s a document of Helpful Tips About Sleep.

Here’s a document about depression from the National Institute of Mental Health for those who want to learn more about this subject.

Several links on alcohol and drug abuse are: the Alcohol and Other Drug Education Project of Hobart and William Smith Colleges,  a broad collection of education and research initiatives designed to better inform students and college personnel about alcohol and other drugs and address problems of abuse; The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University, a unique think/action tank that engages all disciplines to study every form of substance abuse as it affects our society; and for data and general information, the National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information.

The federal government has three helpful web sites with information regarding public health and disease: Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion; Office of Public Health and Science and US Public Health Services Office on Women’s Health.

Here’s a module on time management provided at the Empire State College site.

 More aids for time management are available at the University of Northern Iowa site.

Activity 7.1   Becoming a Self-Grower
Activity 7.2   The Personal Development Methodology
Bonus Activity   Time Management
Bonus Activity   Coping Skills