Chapter 5  Problem Solving Skills

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Additional Links and Resources

Approaches based on solving of problems are sometimes called Problem-Based Learning (PBL.) The University of Delaware has a PBL Site, where they have sample PBL problems. 

How about a visit to the Problem Solving Headquarters?

An aspect of problem solving is critical thinking. There is an online Critical Thinking Community that gives some resources and tips, including what not to do. Resources are also available at WannaLearn.

Find out some techniques for improving problem solving skills.

In this course, we have already given you one rubric, that for a quality learner.  Dr. Facione at Santa Clara University has created a rubric for critical thinking.

Activity 5.1   Analyzing the Problem Solving Methodology
Activity 5.2   Applying the Problem Solving Methodology
Bonus Activity   Solving Word Problems
Bonus Activity   Solving Logic Problems
Bonus Activity   Applying the Problem Solving Methodology 2