Chapter 3  Reading Methodology

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Additional Links and Resources

Looking for things to practice the Reading Methodology and use your Reading Log? Hereís a site full of pro-con debates on many current topics. This may also be a good resource for some of your other classes as well.

Hereís another location of interesting photo essays written by people around the world for IDEA- the International Debate Education Association. 

Find complete searchable great books from Itís also a great source of reference guides, such as the World Factbook and several books of quotations. Bookmark this one!

Chapter 3 covered general study skills. Dartmouth College has helpful videos for learning. For example, check out the video on Strategic Learning.

How about an online dictionary? Hereís the Merriam-Websterís Online Collegiate Dictionary.

.pdf files (may be printed)
Reading Log Reading Log Assessment Reading Methodology Table
Activity 3.1   Using a Reading Log
Activity 3.2   Practicing the Reading Methodology
Activity 3.3   Analyzing a Literary Text