Foundations of Biochemistry takes advantage of the proven results of process-oriented guided-inquiry learning, and is authored by educators who have tremendous practical experience not only within their fields but also in using POGIL within their classrooms.

Exemplifying many of the best practices in science education, students are encouraged to explore the synergy of working, learning, and thinking together in groups, even as they apply textbook knowledge to real-world situations and begin to explore current biochemistry scholarship and research available online.

We also offer an Instructor’s Resources web site that includes keys to the activities, detailed facilitation plans, selected reading guides, additional skill exercises, rubrics and data sheets...all you need to begin using the book!

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Changes from the 3rd to 4th editions:


1 Chemistry in an Aqueous Environment
3 Structure of the Protein a Helix
4 3-D Structure of Proteins
9 Enzyme Catalysis
20 Higher Order Structure of Nucleic Acids
22 Understanding Complex Chemical Systems in Living Organisms
PLUS: Misc. errors corrected throughout and greatly expanded Instructor Resources!

Foundations of Biochemistry (4th edition)
   ISBN: 978-1-60263-532-6
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Foundations of Biochemistry

Fourth Edition

Loertscher, Minderhout,

& Frato

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We also offer a booklet, Selected Activities from Foundations of Biochemistry that contains 7 key activities:

Amino Acids and the Primary Structure of Proteins

3-D Structure of Proteins

Hemoglobin: Protein

Structure and Function

Enzyme Kinetics

Enzyme Inhibition

Lipid Structure and Function

High Energy Compounds

Selected Activities  (4ed)
Loertscher, Minderhout, & Frato
Seattle University

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